Stand Tall


We at UGMMA acknowledge the tough issues children and young adults face both in and out of school today. Our Stand Tall initiative is a program that focuses on building self-esteem through exercise and mentorship.

High levels of self-esteem and positive connections with family and peers are known to protect against youth involvement in risk behaviors. Students who are mentored are also significantly less likely to be involved in bullying and fighting and also are less likely to be depressed. Mental health is closely linked to physical health, with each influencing the other. Physical activity has been associated with higher self-esteem, a positive attitude, and reduced amounts of depression, anxiety, and stress. Studies also show that less than an hour of daily exercise reduces symptoms of depression and improves self-image in overweight children even if a child’s weight does not change much.

Parents: Ask us about our Stand Tall program and let us work towards getting your child to being the happy, healthy, and confident individual that we know they can be.